First of All-Recipe of japanese/chinese,etc style food for vegetarian
(sorry for my poor english,Sorry-Mitä vittu,saatana...Anteeksi...)

This page was made thinking that...
This page was made when I lived in Finland without permission as for this in which recipe for the vegetarian who arranged the dish of Japan and China,etc was published.
I hit on this plan because I heard the thing said that the usage was not understood though a seasoning and ultra little ingredient sold.
Moreover, there is wanting to make use of the special skill and this page exists because I was a cook in old times.
There was a menu that said the lenten fare to Japan and original China.
It is meat and fish did not use.
However, because all the spices in Japan are not obtained in foreign countries, it thinks about recipe entering on the thing obtained in Finland.
Because I think in consideration of the technology, it might be not delicious according to the person.
And,Please the seasoning, oil, the tohu, and the noodle of Japan are obtained in Helsinki etc. , and buy the material in that and make it adding the arrangement of my own way etc. referring to recipe.
If you lived in finland,I think obtaining by two Asian shop near to Hippie shake records shop of Hakaniemi,Helsinki or you can get "tokyo kan" from near to helsingin keskusasema. (maybe you need about ten minutes walking from kesukusasema).
Please look for the person who ends in other countries and regions with asian store somewhere.
The special spice used is thought dry seaweed, the soy sauce, nori(seaweed), and Ajinomoto with the
Worcester sauce(japanilainen musta kastike), sesame oil, and the oyster oil, etc.
And recipe is renewed by thinking when there is time, the update speed might be slow.
However, I want to hold out when there are an echo etc. somehow.
I'm thinking another plans of recipe in near future...
It will be japanese style chow mein(fried noodle), japanese style rice gruel,fake meat souce(use soy minced meat-soijarouhe),miso soup with many vegetables,Chinese vegetable stir-frying,etc...Maybe

Everythings good, Thanks!!!-Kaikki on Hyvin,Kiitos!!!

Keijo-Iso tuoppi (karhu) alcoholocaust

No.4 Thailand style vegetable & tofu green curry

How to make
Cut the vegetables...@
1.Straw mushroom is cut in the half.
2.The paprika is cut thin and long.
3.The onion is minced.
4.Green beans cut in the half.
5.1/8 cutting of the eggplant.
6.Tofu is a square cut of 1cm corner.
7.The tomato is a square cut of 1cm corner.
8.Ginger is minced.
9.Lime or lemon is squeezed, and only soup is used.

Make Tofu Curry...
1.Coconut milk, water, and the curry paste are put in the pan then Please make it to the medium flame when boiling.
2.The onion, the tomato, tofu, the laurel leaf, and ginger are put in the pan and it boils for about five minutes when boiling.
3.Paprika, mushroom, and Straw mushrooms and Green beans are put in the pan, it cooks it for about ten minutes.
4.The eggplant is put at the end, and it cooks it for about ten minutes.
When sugar, the soy sauce, and the squeezing soup in Lime are put, mixed, matched, and the laurel leaf is removed, it is a completion.
5. It might be good to eat rice or rice stick, etc.
Green Curry Paste = 3.5 x table spoon
Coconuts Milk(can) = 400ml
Water = 300ml
Straw Mushrooms = 50g
Puprika = 1 piece
Small Onion = 1 piece
Green Beans = 50g
Big Eggplant = 1 piece
Tofu = 1/2 piece
Tomato = 1 piece
*Also You may use an Asian frozen vegetable. Please put the amount of my favorite.

Ginger = 3 x slices
Soy Sauce = 2 x table spoon
Sugar = 1 x table spoon
Laurel = 3 leaves
Lime of Lemon = 1/2 piece
Ajinomoto = Proper quantity

No.3 Rice Ball (Salt taste)

How to make
It is a traditional menu of Japan.

Boiled rice...

1.It boils rice.
(How to cook it is written in the bag with rice in detail.)

Make curry...
1.Rice puts up water to both hands while it is warm.
2.Suitable amount of salt is sprinkled to one hand.
3.Rice is taken, and it grasps by both hands strengthening to the shape of the favorite.
4.Glow dried seaweed(nori) is wrapped around the thing that finished being gripped.
Cooked Rice = 100g
Glow dried seaweed(nori) = 1/4 cut

Salt = Proper quantity
Water = Proper quantity

No.2 Chinese Style Chow mein(fried noodle)
How to make
Cut the vegetables...
1.Mince garlic and ginger in detail.
2.Slice the onion, the carrot, the paprika, and the mushroom to the size that the fire suitably enters easily.
3.Cut the cabbage in the size that can be eaten in short.

Boiled dryed noodles...
1.The hot water is boiled to the pan.
2.The noodle and the soy minced meat are boiled when boiling. (see the noodle package details,maybe 3 minutes)
3.It gives it to the something basket when finishing boiling it.

1.The frying-pan is warmed up to a suitable temperature for fryed by a portable cooker,When the frying-pan gets warm, the olive oil is put in.
2.The Garlic chile source is put first, and, next, garlic and ginger are put. (Please do not scorch it. )
3.Next, it stir-fries until the onion and the carrot are put, and the fire passes.
4.Next,it stir-fries until the mushroom and cabbege are put, and the fire passes. Spice No.2 is put and mixed.
5.Boiled noodle & soy minced meat are put and mixed in a frying-pan. And,Spiece No.3 is put and mixed.
6.Please add the soy sauce more when it tastes and the taste is thin.
7.Please put and mix sesame oil with the smell applying if all avoid it. After that, please dish up to the plate.
Dried noodles = 1 piece
Soy minced meat = 3 x table spoon
Small Onion = 1 piece
Small Carottes = 1 piece
Paprika = 1 piece
Mushroom = 1 piece
Cabbage = 1/8 piece
Garlic = One splinter
Ginger = A little

Olive oil = 2 x tabel spoon
Garlic chile sauce = 1x tea spoon
(ªIf you like hot taste)
Salt = 1/2 tea spoon
pepper = A little
Oyster sauce = 1 x table spoon
Ajinomoto = Proper quantity
Water = 2 x table spoon
Soy sauce = 1 x table spoon
Sasame oil = 1 x tea spoon

No.1 Tofu Stake and Teriyaki taste souce

How to make
1.It cuts it in the size in which it eats Tofu easily.
2.The small amount of salt is applied in cut tofu, and it put and flour are applied to all aspects.
3.The frying-pan is warmed up to a suitable temperature for fryed by a portable cooker, After that, the olive oil is put in the frying-pan.
4.Both sides are burnt until becoming it and it comes to the light-brown after that tofu that put up flour.
5.Please put on the light-brown and put it on the plate when grilling up. (Please never scorch it.)

Teriyaki taste sauce...
1.The soy sauce and Ajinomoto and sugar are put in a small pan and it warms it by a portable cooker
2.Please condense the source with the small pan, and make it to the source of the density of the favorite. (maybe need a 1 minutes)
(When the taste of sauce has become deep, Please straighten the taste again adding water)
Tofu = 1 piece
Flour=Proper quantity
Salt=Proper quantiy
Olive oil=2 x table spoon

Teriyaki taste souce...
Soy sauce=3 x table spoon
Sugar=3 x table spoon
Ajinomoto=A little
Water=Proper quantiy

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